Skocz do zawartości

Are you fitted zombie apocalipse survivor? After one pop up on trips you are able to collect amount of supplies, collected by others for weeks? You may neeed to more space to accommodate items! Base is your private zone with metal walled object, where enter can only you and your teammates.

Server is full, lack of slots, but at any price you have to join to game? Or maybe you want to be awarded, get access for special items and vehicles? VIP is the best solution for you! Join for the greatest elite on our server and be approved for every special content!

Are you bored of custom survivor skins? Do you want to take on outfit of your favourite character, real or fictional? Now you can! All you have to do is choose skin, place an order and take on it everytime you wish, arousing interest and jealousy of others. Start to stand out in the world of NationZ!

Do you like gambling games? We prepare special roulette for you! You can win bases, VIP accounts, skins, ammo, weapons, backpacks, meds - everything necessary to surivive in the world of zombie! One try costs only 1 point, so you had nothing to lose, rewards are equivalent to 75 points!