Skocz do zawartości

Look for vehicles!

In the postapocaliptic world transport is a necessary thing! In case of chasing or espacing, from other survivors and zombies. Cars, motorbikes, trucks, planes, helicopters, quads and bikes - all you can find in deserted villages and cities. Some of these can be well buried, on parking, countries. Other may need to be repaired, tank with gas and refuel with engine oil.

Collect supplies!

Food, weapons, meds, car parts, other usable items, military accessories, tents - nowadays everything is worth its weight in gold! Play together with your friends, pop up on trips for supplies, but remember, that your capacity is limited! So do your best to collect only the most valuable and long-term items.

Fight of the apocalypse!

Zombie is a formidable opponent. Although each of them was once a man, each had other character, goals, dreams, nowadays every of them are the same. Zombies are most dangerous in group. Single zombies, if we are properly equipped we can try to eliminate. Zombies have only one goal - to eat you.